Gledopto official app - "duration" option for dimming and color temperature


I recently started using the official Gledopto app to control couple of LED strips connected to Gledopto’s LED controllers (GL-C-006P and GL-C-008P).

I am trying to set up adaptive lighting for those LED strips and I really miss to option to dim to a certain level or change the color temperature in a given period of time to get a smooth transition.

Did any of you find any way around it? I emailed Gledopto to ask for this feature to be added if possible.

[Modbreak: i’ve changed the title as it seemed to make it the official app’s topic, which it isn’t]

The only way will be to contact themselves if they didn’t already implement it into the “set dim” THEN flow card.

Thank you for correcting it. How do I find the official app’s topic? Or can only the developers start such thread?

Gledopto only provides their own webpage, but there is a contact option.

Scroll down the app page…

A forum thread could be created by the community, too, to keep brand specific questions in one place.

Thank you. Yes, I found this one and this is what I meant when I wrote that I have already emailed them. What I meant with the second question was if I missed the official app’s discussion thread or if there was no such thread and only the developer can start it. Anyway, I will post here if I get a reply from Gledopto.

You can start such a thread youself. Use the [APP][PRO] prefix.
Just comment that this thread is not monitored by Gledopto and a community only thread.

That’s what I did and the moderator removed the prefix but I did not add the comment that Gledopto does not monitor it so maybe that was it. Thank you!