Github code to app?

is it possible to install on my homey somehow?

Try this link.

thanks :slight_smile: I will try this in the evening

worked for me :slight_smile:
Although I had to try 4-5 Times to add the Lightstrips, got simple error not adding them, but after retrying, they were added

Now all my Dresden Elektronik FLS-PP3 are available in Homey :smiley:
The app should be published to the store.

regards adem

hello… were is the link for downloadd i don’t want find the link…

Then we cannot tell u because when we do u WILL find the link and u don’t want to. :wink:
But serious, which link ur looking for?
Not the link from first post do u?

this worked for me, it is a fork of the first posted link.

To use athom-cli you have to install the requirements also, see:

For my centos to install nodejs, I used:

git clone
cd com.dresden
athom login
run without installing it: athom app run
run with installing it: athom app install



after testing the app. the implementation is not fulfilled. the rgb receiver, fls-pp3 is a rgbw receiver, it should have 2 switches like in the homee app or on Philips hub.
turn off white turn on rgb or both…