Get notifikation and ok before unit start up when press on the unit in Homeypro 2023

I have problem that I do press on one unit (tuya zigbee relay) on by misstake sometimes

I would like that it does not start when you press it on in the app.
But better to first send notification with question to answer Yes/no before it start.
So it does not turn on by misstake
Is that possible ?

Not exactly, though there are a few possible work around options.

There’s no way to hide or remove or disable control for a device tile in the app, though this is a common feature request from the community.

Possible work around options:

  • use instead a flow triggered by the device turning on that asks if you intended to turn it on yes/no and then turns it off again if no (optionally also if no response within a timeframe)
  • create a zone for devices you don’t want to directly manually control in the app and keep that zone ‘collapsed’ in the app, then create other ways to indirectly control the device eg a (favourite) flow or another virtual device which could then trigger a flow that works exactly as you initially described.
  1. Create an advanced virtual device (Device Capabilities app) with Button 1 field (which determines the button behaviour) set to anything but “On/Off (Button tab or Hidden)” and use this AVD in your main app interface/preferences.

You can set the Button 2 field as the field that Reflects/Reacts to your device.

In order to turn on/off your device, you can long press the AVD, then press button 2 in the button tab.

Can you not use the AND-card PushNotification?

Option 3 is a specific variant of option 2 as you’ll still have the original device in Homey you need to ‘hide’ somehow.

Yes you can use the AND card for yes/no confirmation via push message but the options above still stand for how you use that with the device.