Ikea Remote via MQTT no button action in flow

I managed to get Zigbee2MQTT working on a PI, and also the bridge MQTT app on my homey is working. Reaction time of zigbee devices I tested has improved, far better coverage, and now able to update firmware. So a massive improvement to the Zigbee functionality. Athom should have build a homey where you wouldn’t need a bridge to get full zigbee functionality. But that’s my opinion, perhaps they have good reason why this was technically an impediment.

Anyway, One of my devices is an Ikea remote (type [E1524/E1810]). I have added this in my homey through the zigbee2Mqtt bridge- app. The ikea remote has 5 buttons, and when pushing these buttons it shows in the device view on the homey which button I pushed. So far so good.
So I was trying to create a flow, starting some actions when one of the buttons was pushed.
I was surprised that in the flow, only the card “if an action has changed” is available, not being able to narrow it down to which button was exactly pushed. (see attached screenshots).
Am I missing something here ? I would expect that when in the device view the exact button pushed is visible, that this would also be the case when using it in a flow.
Thanks for your insghts

Tese are the choises of the If card, have a look at the AND cards.

Maybe ask here (if that’s the app you’re using).

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Answer is here: [APP][PRO] Zigbee2MQTT - #158 by Gruijter

PS Better to post questions like this in the app support thread, and not create a new thread :kissing_heart:

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