Relay Pulse Flow

Hi everyone! I have a garage door that opens and closes with a Zigbee NodOn SIN-4-1-20 (1-Relay) module. As there is no setting to let this module pulsate, I’ve created a simple flow : “If switched on, than switch off in 2 seconds.”

For some reason, when creating this flow, this works 2 or 3 times and then it stops working and the tile of the device stays “on” (so I have to click twice the next time I want to use it). I had the same issue with a Fibaro Smart Module. No difference if I use an Advanced Flow or a regular one.

Somebody has a solution for me or a workaround?

Thanks in advance!

Seems the issue is in the Homey app (IOS). When I close and restart the app, the problem is solved till it occurs again a while later.

@Athom_homey Is this a known issue?

When you try to reach Athom, create a ticket. This is a user forum :hugs: