Get logica value using webhook

Is it possible to retrieve a webhook value using a webhook or something?

I know it is possible to set a value using a webhook, but is it possible to retrieve one also?

For example i have a logic value called; device_online true/false
Now i wish to retrieve this value (if it is false or true) using a script running on my NAS

Is this possible, if so how?

Maybe this gets you going:

Not using webhooks. There are other solutions, like having Homey make a web request to your NAS, or using an in-between protocol like MQTT.

thx, but the examples only show how to send values not retrieve values, only set (or send) values to Homey, i need the other way…

So simply said i do a webhook call to Homey and homey then sends (or displays) values i want and i can use these values in a script running on my nas…

:see_no_evil: Oww, I see now. Then my post makes no sense indeed hehe * grabs an extra strong coffee *

But anyway, what if you use Logics card http POST?
F.i. your NAS script sends a http GET request to Homey;
Flow action:

This sends a Yes/No value.

HTTP Request app has some more possibilities
F.i. your NAS script sends a http GET request to Homey;
Homey flow returns with HTTP Post action of one of these (don’t know which one)

Something like this?

i need the result as a value which i can use/receive/proces with my scrip on my nas
The best is a json response with the result.

Whats wrong with “tag” in my example?

Have look at: Webhooks - Homey Apps SDK

It’s not about getting data into Homey, it’s getting data out.

O K So this is not a Homey topic. Sorry.

Yes it is.

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it is Homey related and @robertklep is correct, it is getting data OUT of Homey.

For example i want to know if curtain sensors are armed or not in my NAS, only if they are i want to start other scripts on my NAS etc

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