Gardena Water Control

I have built a flow that starts the watering via the Gardena Water Control. But I see in the Gardena app that when Homey starts the watering, it the Gardena app stops it after 1 minute. I have not set up that in the flow so I don´t understand why the Gardena app closes the watering after only 1 minute.

Any ideas?

On top of my head it’s a setting in the Gardena mobile phone app.

There is a setting on the Gardena-Device in Homey > Water Duration.

Go to your Water-Device on Homey > Tab the gear on the right top (on iOS is the gear there) > Advanced settings:

The setting in the Gardena-Company-App is for the Water-Duration when you use the Button on the Water-Control itself.

In settings Gardena app:

Your setting in Gardena will syncronise in Homey.

Thank you all for the help. I looked at the duration in the Gardena app before and it wasn’t that. But when I looked in the advanced settings in the Gardena app within the Homey app, there it said 1 minute. When I changed that it worked.