Gardena sileno - only manual

Does anyone know if its possible to configure Gardena sileno to only run in manual operation? Meaning that it will only run when I choose so from Homey. I have two dogs that sometimes leave toys in the garden, so I want to be able to check the garden before I start it from Homey.

Ofcourse, when the gardena app supports your device. Make a virtual button(adding device, device Homey, choose button. Call it f.i. Sileno.

Then you have your virtual button. Make a flow, WHEN you push your virtual button “ Sileno” , THEN start sileno

At your Homescreen you have the option favorite devices. Tap the wheel right at the top and move your virtual button to the top.
This way you can start your device from the homescreen by just tapping the button

Oh, I know about that function. I was wondering about on the garden device directly. It seems it require you to have at least one schedule to follow.

I want it to only run when I choose so from Homey.

That I don’t know

Did you already solve it?
Just a guess: with the gardena app create a schedule of 1 hour and then pause the schedule. I am not sure if this works and if the schedule is not started again if you start the mower via homey. Could be worth to try out?