Gardena app: Flow card requests

The Gardena app is maintained by Athom, but I cannot find it Athom’s github, hence I’m not sure where to request new features.

I have a Gardena Sileno City Smart lawnmower, so the below request is for that device.

The Gardena app is lacking several flow cards that would make it much more useful:


  • Mower state has changed (with a label for the state: parked, mowing, error?, …)


  • Mower state is (parked, mowing, error?, …)
  • Mower battery is


  • Park until next scheduled start
  • Park until told otherwise

I’m sure other flow cards would be nice too, but the above are the ones that immediately come to mind.

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You can leave your feature request(s) for Athom in this bucket.

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I must have missed that this is how I should request features for Athom-developed apps. Where should I have looked for this information if not from you?

there are also some awesome support pages where it is also linked in.

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@ConFu Did you submit the request? I really support your request.
I do not want the mower to go out when it rains. I could catch it with your suggestions. But at this moment there are only “whens” based on battery change and “thens” to start mowing or to park. But if you park, the schedule will send the mower out again I assume.

I would even want to add to add schedule statements in all three buckets. “When schedule states changes - pause/active”, “And schedule state = pause/active” and “Then set schedule state pause/active”.

As far as I know there is no list of wanted features to support, I will also submit your request and add my features. Maybe it helps.

I had the same issue so created my own app based on the already existing Husqvarna automower app to get better support for the Sileno mower, its not in the app store but feel free to try it if it can solve your flows