Gardena Smart System

Gardena Smart System

Is there any plan to integrate Gardena Smart System with homey to get flows and functions to work together?


Johan H

Hi there Johan.
The Gardena API is not supported by Husqvarna but there is several integrations with other systems already so it is doable. (I have a working testapp but it is far far from ready…)

You can always post a request for the app to Athom here:

// Johan

Not exact what you asked for, but with ifttt you can integrate a little bit eith homey

Thanks Johan for your answer.

I used you link and suggest to add Gardena and Husqvara as apps for Homey.


Johan H

I asking to use Homey to controll when my watering and grass should be cut.

Example -If lawn mower is stuck my lighting could give me an warning and turn on red light so I got an hint.

There is many user cases that could solve my and others daily life if Homey supporting Gardena and Husqvarna (make app available) :slight_smile:



Apple Homekit is supporting the Gardena Smart home system now.
If you steer your Homey and your Gardena system by Apple Homekit you have one user interface for all.

I live in norway and the company I work for actually sells alot of Husqvarna automowers through the year. I noticed on TV that Husqvarna Connect is now supportet by Google and Amazon. As I read on their website they will come with an open API in the second quarter of 2019
Anybody interested in making this integrated ? Although I don’t directly work in the store, I have been pushing them to show of more smart home equipment. Would be cool to make a demo in the store for Homey and Husqvarna

There is a Gardena app now in the app store that works very well. Only wish I have is to rename the valves in the irrigation control from ‘valve 1’ to ‘valve 6’ to that what it actually waters.

I disagree for a good working app, but I agree for the renaming of the valves. Now I often have an error with the connection, due to high networktraffic.

The problem seemes to be solved, and I have to adjust me comment.
The app works good and has more information then the Gardena App.
You can see the network signal from all the devices.

I see water controller under listed function but does that apply to all their pumps or just the one on display?

gardena 5000/5 gonna buy one of those

As far as I know it depends if you use the gateway. I use the gateway and therefore my watercontrol and soil humidity sensor work well. These products are also not mentioned. It depends therefore if your product works with the gateway

The real api is now open with information at
And it includes also Husqvarna automower!

I have bought 2 Gardena smart systems here for 8 months. I have installed them in 2 different houses with 2 separate Gateway.
I deal with both smart water controls, battery problems.
hold only one month.(1 mounth )
I have reset the water control but the problem remains.
What is suggested ???

Hi @ATHANASIOS_TSARMPOPO, welcome in the Homey community,
What version firmware is your Homey and what version your Gardens app?
Can you show us your flows?


I don’t use homey. I use GARDENA APP.
Have the same problem with batteries at smart water control,other user???

Well mate, this is a forum dedicated to Homey and home automation devices connected to Homey. So I guess you need to find a specific Gardena forum then…
Connect it to Homey and someone here maybe can assist then.
Happy New Year BTY. :clinking_glasses:

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I understand. If any user have the same problems with GARDENA smart water control and batteries…help me.

I bought the Gardena Water Control and discovered Homey doesn’t communicate with it but only with Gardena Gateway :confounded:
Is there a way to use it without gateway?