Gardena App

I’m getting “Invalid Response (400)” or “Could not find that pair session” when trying to add any Gardena device. Running 2.4.1 and Gardena 1.1.1.
I’ve installed the Gardena smart systems app and created an account, that works perfectly. But when I try to connect the Home Gardena app and use those account credentials, it fails.
Anybody have any ideas as to what might be the problem and how to solve it…?

Do you have the Gardena gateway? If not, how could you enroll your unit in the app?

I do have the Gardena gateway and the Gardena system works with its own Gardena Smart systems app, just not pairing the Gardena devices in Homey.

Strange, it should work, i own the same setup. Try to remove the app. Pull the plug from the gardena hub, restart homey, restart the Gardena Hub, install the Gardena app and retry.

Turns out that auto complete of my email added a space … now it works :slight_smile: