From Domoticz to Homey (some questions)

I have deceided to switch from Domoticz to Homey pro. I have however a few questions. Hopefully somebody can answer those:

  • Can I keep history data of a 433 Mhz device (for instance a rain gauge) when the battery of the device is changed? In Domotictz I only can keep the data if I replace the ID of new device by the ID of the old device.
  • I searched this forum for the answer but I couldn’t find it. Is it possible (with a command or script) to delete a wrong / bad reading/observation of a device (a rain gauge or energymeter) ? If not, the graphs and statistics of these devices keep wrong forever. In Domoticz I can go to the graph, select with the mouse the wrong peak and with the shift button pressed I can delete the reading from the database.
    Is it possible to make a RFC for this?

Thanks for answering.

  1. If the device remains uniquely identifiable (in other words, if the app that handles the device’s data will be able to still recognise the data as coming from that particular 433Mhz device), the historic data will be kept. As an aside: you have to be sure that you devices are actually supported by Homey. There is no generic 433Mhz device support in Homey, you need a specific app that is able to handle specific devices.
  2. AFAIK, Homey uses RRDtool under the hood to store time-series data. It’s not possible to modify/change data (and given how RRDtool works, it might not ever be possible because it would basically require dumping the RRD file to XML, manually updating the XML, then importing it back; I don’t see Athom creating an interface for that).

Is it possible to make a RFC for this?

If you mean “can I ask someone to add support for this”, you have to send a support request to Athom:

But I don’t give you much chance of them ever implementing this.

Thanks for the fast and clear reply.

For (2) I could always send the data to influxdb and delete the wrong data there.
Unfortunate the data is not stored in a database.

It is possible to make a script that stores the data of your raingauge(global storage)You can call this array and search for the wrong data. You also can search and delete this automatically with a script when you know what the wrong data are(for instance > xx mm). But you have to find your way with Homeyscript(JS).

It looks doable but far far from your simple method with Domoticz.

How would that delete the wrong data from Insights?

I was not referring to insights, which is not possible. I was referring to storing the data in an array and deleting the wrong data. But if it is a nice solution i doubt that myself. Also making some graphics with these (global) data seems rather difficult. Exporting and importing in some other software must be possible, but in Homey itself isn’t possible as far as i know.