[APP][Pro] Domoticz app (Needs a new Developer)

For those who are interesed: I created a little app that is able to import your domoticz devices into Homey. This way you can use Homey to control those devices also. Various devices are supported. Such as:

Wind / Weather devices
Temperature sensors
Humidity devices
Gas/Energy ( P1 …)

You find it in the appstore
or on Github

Let me know what you think! And if you like what you see you could think about buying me a beer:


Add support for Domoticz devices

0.1.0 Added cumulative meter readers for T1, T2, Gas. For this to work you need to repair the device(s)

0.0.9 The app now only reads information from devices that are used in domoticz

0.0.8 Added support for no username/password situations.

0.0.7 Added support for the type ‘lightning2’ and ignored devices that are not used in domoticz ( used = 0 )

0.0.6: Changed pairing. When a device isn’t recognized ( no capability or class ) it will not show up in the devicelist

0.0.5: Added basic support for weather information (wind)

0.0.4: Added basic support for temperature things


Hi Jeroen,

That is great news!
I added my domoticz (running on a Synology NAS) and got it work. I added these devices:

and - as you mentioned - only ‘Elektra’ and ‘Gas’ are available in the flow editor.

This is a great start. I use http request App to read the P1 value into Homey and report via email. This will make that a lot easier!

I later added a light. It is available as a device, but does not show up in the flow editor. I am running f/w 1.5.3

If you know how to get the json output of domoticz could you send me yours in a dm? So I can see what I can do about it.

I will test to see if I can reproduce the issue with the light.

No, have never done that. But I will read up here https://www.domoticz.com/wiki/Domoticz_API/JSON_URL's

Will let you know tomorrow.

thanks. I just tried with my local domoticz installation to reproduce the situation. I added some dummy devices (lights) but I can add them to the flows after I added the devices. I can switch them on/of no problem. So I guess that its some ‘special’ class I haven’t build support for into the app.

No worries. These lights are also controlledable by Homey directly and bij my Yeelight App.

Hi Jeroen, great app, :grinning: but i don;t get any values from P1 smart meter.

Can add the cards, but values stays empty.

Domoticz Version 4.9700
Homey 1.5.13

When i run the app in athom-cli i don’t see any updates after adding the cards.


The app doesn’t crash? I will look into it.

Update 11:48. I have just updated the beta branch. This contains a logging view in the settings. Please be aware if you reinstall the app using cli you need to add the devices again. To show the logging open settings and hit the refresh button.

Same here.

I will install the new beta and try that.!

Logging is working:

Still no values:

After a reboot, values are showing up:

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Great I will try to incorporate more devices ( thanks for the json).

Also I have updated the app again on github (beta branche) due to a bug that would cause the app to crash. Hopefully it will not crash anymore.

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HI Jeroen,

also here after restarting te app the values will be there.


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Just updated the app in the beta channel. Now it will have more logging so you can see what is actually going on between the app and domoticz.

Also I have added basic support for temperature devices. But that still has to be finished. Also did some optimization. Previously when polling domoticz I would always update the value in Homey. Now I only update a device if there is actually something changed. (based on the LastUpdated property of Domoticz)

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In the latest beta release I have added the on/off capability on devices that are dimmers. Also wind devices are somewhat supported.

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Hi, I am very interested in this concept, I am curious though…

Given that you (and other people that can code) can expand the functionality of these apps, will I then in the end be able to use Homey to switch and dim and control my equipment and have domoticz take care of the real logic? (so that Homey is only a glorified antenna-hub so to speak - I always disliked the limitation of the ‘if this then that’ principle of Homey (you have to create ridiculous amounts of flows for some things))

With a bit of effort it could indeed work like that. Control devices using homey but ’ real logic’ in domoticz. But I don’t really know why you want to do that actually? The main purpose of this app would be to utilize domoticz devices in Homey including the use of devices within Homey flows. Also it could lead to confusion.

Just imagine this. A scene in domoticz is controlling a certain device and puts it on. Few minutes later you put it off using Homey and the scene decides… no… it should be on. But that is a theoretical situation ofcourse.

But your scenario could also work without an issue. Maybe in the future I could add support for domoticz scene’s. But then again… Home is perfectly capable of doing the same thing using a flow? But that is just my two cents :wink:

My main issues with Homey lies with the ‘only If This then that’ limitation. This is perfectly fine if you have a ‘I press a button’ and ‘A light switches on’. Nothing wrong with that.

But in my personal case. I have Philips Hue Ambiance lights in my living room, that I want to dim and go ‘warmer’ as the evening progresses or go to a certain level when I switch them on. For the timing I use the ‘Zonnestanden’ app by Marcel Timmermans.

My flows currently look like this:
IF button X is pressed
AND variable livingroom lights is off
THEN activate the flow “Turn on the lights and set livingroom variable to on” AND start the flow Set the lights to the default level"
ELSE Start the flow “Set the lights to the default level” (so I’m able to go to a default setting)

So far so good

I also have 5 flows that set variables
If sunset the default brightness is X and default colour temperature is Y
If passed sunset, the default brightness is X and default colour temperature is Y
If start evening, the default …

I have another group of flows that make sure that the brightness and colour temperature change slowly. (basically a loop that checks if the ‘default value’ differs from the ‘current value’ it will lower or raise the the ‘current value’ a bit and start the same flow again after a few seconds.

What I miss in Homey is:
IF sun position changes
CASE 1 sunset - brightness is X colour temperatureis Y
CASE 2 passed sunset - brightness is X colour temperatureis Y
CASE 3 begin evening …

I currently have to do this in seperate flows and using ‘folders’ for the flows I am effectively making a CASE statement but not in one overview. (this kind of stuff will be extra problematic starting with version 2.0 as we have to fiddle on a phone to do slightly complexer stuff, but let’s not start another discussion on that here :slight_smile: )

Also I am unable to use logic on variables that devices have and the corresponding app doesn’t support that. That should be default behaviour in the internal ‘Logic’ function.

Domoticz (or Home Assistant or OpenHAB or somehting) is far more flexible in this regard, so from my point of view it would be a perfect alternative to have Homey only control the hardware and Domoticz, Home Assistant or OpenHAB perform the actual logic.

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Thanks for the extra information. I see what you mean. So to get back to your original question. With the domoticz app you can control devices that are currently connect to it. This can be done like any other device you would pair in homey. No issue there.

It only depends on the type of device if it is fully supported yet. Since I don’t own a very sophisticated domoticz setup I can only test to a certain extend. But if you want, install the app using cli (if you know how to do it), or let me help you doing it. And if there are certain devices not yet supported in your setup I can see what I can do to make that possible.

Thanks so far :slight_smile:
I managed to install Athom CLI. I’ll look into installing Domoticz somewhere soon on a Pi and your Homey app. Is it okay if I PM you if I run into any strange stuff, or do you prefer to keep it all on this thread. Any generic stuff I run into that may help others I’ll add to this thread.

For your info:
I own a few Philips Hue Ambiance lights (so the cold-white to warm-white - No colours) that I control via Zigbee (no Hue Bridge)
A few KAKU switches (the ones you fit behind a socket) (433)
A few KAKU wall switches/controllers/buttons (433)
An AeonLabs wallmote 4 (glorified ‘touch switch/dimmer’ - Very happy with it by the way :slight_smile:) (Z-Wave)
A few Fibaro ‘Smart plugs’ (tussenstekkers) (Z-Wave)
A few Eurotronic Spirit Radiator Valves (Z-Wave)

You can send me a PM or keep it in the thread. Whatever feels best for you :slight_smile:

I’ve installed this app on V2 but when i fill in my details in the domoticz server settings it won’t save. Is this a v2.0 thing?