Energy (electricity & gas) generic app

Is there an app for Homey that provides an API for electricity and gas?

I can only find http request flowcard app to set variables.

How do you mean provide an app for? Can you tell us what you want to do?

I’m looking for porting my electricity and gas usage from a smartmeter to homey. (I use an old RP 1 to extract it).
I can imagine that i’m the first one that tried it. Is there an app that has devices with meter_power and meter_gas capabilities that are settable trought an API or something?

Found this repository:

I have a RP1 with domoticz that reads the information from my smart meter. I made a app myself that readds domoticz and puts the data into insights of homey. I always want the domoticz in between because the insights of homey get purged after a year or so. Domoticz will store it always.

If you are interested I can give you the code to install it yourself on Homey ( the domoticz app)

I don’t use domoticz.

I’ll try this one:

@Jeroen_Somhorst thanks for your help!

I bought a youless because I am not that technical


Because i could not found any app i’ve build one myself: (alpha)
P1 smartmeter (API)

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