From a number to hexidecimals

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know a solution?
I have a number from a calculation and would like to make a hexadecimal of it, which I can send to my phone for my work.
Here we use these codes to log in.
Now I have to calculate it every day and would like to have it sent automatically every day.
Would this be possible with Math.js?

I hope someone knows a solution.

Not sure if you can use JS code, but if so:


Ive just moved your thread into the developer forum, wouldnt want to scare people with talk of Hexadecimals or math.


Are there any more options within Homey?

Because through the Number. toString(16) can’t do it because Homey doesn’t recognize this option.

Am I doing something wrong or can this denomination not be in Math. js?

There doesn’t seem to be a function or option in Math.js to convert a number to a hexadecimal string :frowning:

Then just see if an app can be made.

I expect it to be possible with Homeyscript.
Just call the script with the value and set a string variable with the hex value.