Foxx Project Smart Switch Not Working

I have a few of the Foxx Project Smart Switches around the house. Since they’re not a supported device I added them as a basic Z-Wave device. They paired OK but don’t respond to the Homey. They worked fine on my Vera Plus (and reported power consumption).

How do I best troubleshoot it?

Thanks, Siobhan.

Thanks Roy, but On/Off doesn’t do anything either :frowning:

So it turns out that a Foxx Project Smart Switch is just a rebranded Aeotec Smart Switch Gen 5. If you add one of those it works perfectly.

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How did you do that? Didn’t they even change producer-id, product-id etc?

I’m not sure I follow. All I know is I was trying to find Foxx Project on the Z-Wave official registration list and it wasn’t there. I then noticed the model number (ZW075-C07) was almost identical to the Aeotec’s model number. Then I noticed the striking resemblance.
I’m pretty sure I bought Aeotec from Amazon now that I think about it, so I probably got done there.
Anyhow, it works fine so I’m happy.