Foscam privacy problems

My Foscam R2M has a sleep mode, where the camera turns away to secure privacy when at home. Important for the WAF factor… :slight_smile:

But at random times, the camera wakes up from itself. It only does so when connected to Homey.
The camera’s timeline shows:

(sleep mode off by Foscam)

So it does not seem like a flow is triggering this wake-up, but the app itself.
I use Papertrails logging on all flows that uses the camera, but this confirms it it no flow that triggers it

Do more people have these problems or know what to to so the camera doesn’t wake up from itself?

No one?
I disabled the Foscam (Homey) app a few days ago and the cams didn’t wake-up “from itself” since.
After enabling the Foscam app, they do again.
So it has to be something coming from Homey/Foscam app/flow, etc… :frowning:

All help appreciated!

Same problem here. Any solution yet?