Foscam motion detection trigger


Anyone using foscam with motion detection as trigger?

I am testing a c2m camera, but I can’t get motion detection to trigger i homey.

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I have the same issue

Foscam motion trigger sucks even in their own app

i have been in contact with foscam, they have contacted homey, foscam is waiting for homey (at least according to foscam)

just have to wait and see.

could test this as a workaround

motion triggers and notification for the foscam app itself works,

Up this topic since I’m also trying to have flow based on motion detection & human body detection from FOSCAM (SD2)
FOSCAM support answered that “camera alarm flow can not work on Homey Pro at present”
I’ve asked them to tell me which cart are officially declared working, I will share the answer in a seperate topic so the community will have a quick access rerference.

in between, if someone reading this manager to trigger flows based on motion detection of FOSCAM camera, I will be happy to hear from them.

i created a homey script that pooled the local camera api with a few seconds in-between, and then parsed the value for human or motion detected and updated a variable, and then triggered action via homey flow.

it worked, but in the end i replaced foscam, no real support, lousy firmware, poor cloud service.

HI Erlend_Oyen
I’m far away of the knowledge to create a script. can you share it and ideally a link where I could learn to create / install & exploit scripts ?

Yes I regret My choice of FOSCAM, It seems that Netnamo cams are better… too late.

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