Focus on device when searching for it in the overview

Hi all!

One thing that has been bugging me ever since I got my first Homey is that when I want to find a specific device in the device overview I write it’s name in the search field. The only thing that happens is that the black screen comes in from the right side with the parameters of the device. There is no information of where I have sorted the device in my different zones so basically I haven’t searched for the device at all…only opened it’s parameter page (or whatever it’s called).

I would love for the system to focus on the device in the long list of devices under the main zone “Home” when I search for it. Actually I would prefer that the black screen would not appear when doing the search. It would be better if the system would focus on the device (or even devices if I search for a generic name as lets say “Thermometer”) in the white field of all devices and that I could then choose to click on the icon if I want to see the black screen.

Often the reason I do a search is to move devices from one zone to another for example when I move a power plug from one room to another. I also have devices that I have stopped using for some reason and when I want to use them again I might not remember in which zone they used to be meaning I have to search manually for them in my many zones. Tedious!

I hope this suggestion is something the devs would consider.


I 'm afraid your question is not clear enough. Can you add info if it’s about the web app or mobile app? What do you mean with ‘the black screen’ and ‘the white screen’.
It would be clearer when you add some screenshots, thanks!

When you search for a device in the web app, and select it from the search results, it opens the black “device control” on the right. It doesn’t scroll the device’s tile into view.

If you happen to have a specific zone selected, you don’t even get to see the device tile at all if it’s not in that particular zone, only the black device control.

Ah I see, thanks.

That is odd web app behaviour indeed.
The device zone is displayed with the search results though, but for some reason it’s not an active link :relieved::no_mouth:

Thank you robertklep for explaining better than I did. It’s hard to formulate an issue when you don’t know the correct terms for things.

Odd is exactly what it is…almost as if the dev forgot to fix it when coding the search behaviour.

What is wrong with Ctrl-F to search?

Well…lets say I want to find one of my temperature sensors. I have named all of them something with “temp”. Each of the sensors have the word “temperature” in them…so I get 30 hits.

This is a function that should work within the web GUI and not be depending on the browser’s generic search function.