Flow with motion sensor

I have the following:

  • 2023 Homey Pro
  • Esphome motion sensor
  • Sensibo to control the air conditioner unit.
    Both the sensor and the sensibo are connected to the Homey Pro
    I want to create a flow in which if there has been no motion for 1 hour (which means there is no one in the room) then for the sensibo to turn off the air conditioner.
    The PIR sensor has flow conditions if the sensor is turned on or off but I can’t figure out how to get a state where if it turned off and not turned back on within one hour

Your use case just looks like switching on a light width a motion sensor, and switching it off after some time. For example a toilet light, hall light, etc. So just search this forum for motion sensor and light and flow, e.g.

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The zone containing your motion sensor has a ‘when’ card: The zone has been inactive for…

Thank you for the replies.

It looks like you want an hour delay for switching on and a hour delay for switching on, so you need two flows:
WHEN the zone has been active for 60 minutes
THEN switch on the airco

WHEN the zone has been inactive for 60 minutes
THEN switch off the airco