Simple OR in When

Hello. I have Homey Pro 2.0
Just want basic simple stupid flow. But it cannot be done.

simple WHEN motion sensor sense motion Then turn smart plug ON (where is light bar) and then turn smart plug off after some set time.
Problems are two

There are four sensors. I want that if some of sensor sense motion, then DO IT!
but there is only WHEN / AND / THEN…
No OR! I found that OR can be set in AND but I don’t want it in AND. I don’t know how to make some like WHEN sensor 1 senses motion OR sensor 2 senses motion OR sensor 3…
THEN turn plug on. And turn OFF after 2 minutes.

Second problem is that if I’m moving in room more than 2 minutes, then smart plug never turn on again…It looks like it don’t want to run again that flow…m or sensors are not sensing again. Why?
Sensors are Lidl Silvercrest Smart motion sensor.
Smart plug which are for light bars are from same manufacturer. I don’t know why it don’t run again. Just after random time more. Sometimes it run again after few seconds, sometimes longer.

Please help

If you add all the required sensors to a zone, then you could use the WHEN cards: “This zone became active” to switches the smart plug on and the “This zone is inactive for x” to switch the smart plug off.

Some motion sensors will stay in the triggered state all the time motion is detected within a specified period. That could explain why the WHEN is not run again. If you use the zone active / not active cards then it will solve that problem.