Flow to alert me on Robot lawnmower

I have a Plug on my automower to see the usage and to extend zigbee to my mailbox.
Any tips on a flow to send a push notification if the plug have not registered a change in powerdraw from the plug. From lets say the last 16 hours?

Are you using Homey Pro or Bridge?

What exactly is your requirement? Do you want to know if the robot lawnmower has stayed in the charging station for the last 16 hours? Or do you want to know if the robot lawnmower has not been in the charging station in the last 16 hours?

I expect that the power value/charging current will change constantly when the robot lawnmower stays in the charging station.
You can check this in the Insights section of the web app.

It draws 2.4w when standby and 35w when charging. I would like it to send me a push notification if it have not charged (been above 30watts) in the last 16hours. Meaning it have either not left the charger or never returned.

I have Homey Pro

You need a timer/countdown app like Chronograph, CountDown or similar apps for these flows.

Flow 1
– Consumption becomes less than 5 W (not charging)
– Start Countdown Timer with a duration of 16 h

Flow 2
– Timer is finished
– Push notification

Flow 3
– Consumption becomes more than 5 W (charging)
– Timer is running
– Stop Timer

Maybe you need to adjust the power consumption, because as I wrote before, I guess that the power consumption/charging current will change constantly when the robot lawnmower stays in the charging station.
Just for info, this is the charging graph of my iPhone for the last 10 h. So the charging current changes constantly:

Thank you. I have this urge to allways make the shortest flows but making 3 like here seems simpler.


I shortened it and will try to see if this works.

It will not work correctly, because it does not detect when the lawnmower returns to the charging station and stop the timer. The timer will keep running. If the lawnmower does not leave the charging station again within the 16 h, a message will still be sent after 16 h.

And what is the problem with 3 flows? The only problem when you have a large number of flows is not losing the overview of them. I have more than 700 flows in sum.

This starts or replaces a already running timer, or am i wrong?
So when it is done charging and falls under 20w it will replace the current timer with a new one on 16hours.
This means that the timer will run 24/7. But thats not a problem right?

The mower runs daily so it should allways register a charge with in 16hours.

700 flows. Wow. Maybe i should not be scared to “fill” it up :laughing:

That’s right. So if

then it will work.
That’s the reason why I wrote

Don’t know exactly. I can’t tell you the exact number of timers, but the fact is that Homey is stressed by timers. Of course it also depends on how many other processes are running.
When I create automations I prefer to use more flows and try to reduce the stress for Homey.

@robertklep, can you maybe say more about how much stress is put on Homey when a timer is running 24/7?

I guess it depends on how the app implements the timers, but generally speaking, timers don’t take up much resources in Node.js.

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We have a door sensor attached to the mower. And calculated the average time that it is mowing before it needs to charge again.

If it is not back within a reasonable time frame (countdown) then we get a notification that it is maybe stuck somewhere. If it is back in time then it stops the countdown and sends a push saying it is back charging.

And the door sensor “ON/ALARM” state also prevents the watering system from triggering.

This was my first solution but as i already had the plug there for zigbee range extension using one less device was preferable.

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