Homey Bridge/Coud, detect when a plug uses no more power for more than x seconds

i am using a qubino plug to load my phev with 220V at 0:00 with homey bridge and cloud only.
I want to detect when the car is full, e.g. when the plug changes power usage to less than 2 watts for more than 2 Minutes. Ideally I would use a countdown timer for this, but i am shocked , homey beta does not even support such a simple thing as a a countdown timer.
Any ideas how i could detect when no more power is needed and i can switch off my smart plug ? I mean it is a very simple requirement like detecting when the ebike is full, detecting when the washing machine is done and so on. explain the working of specific Flows in homey.

For homey pro there are countdown timer apps, unfortunately not for bridge. Does bridge have flowcards to start/stop flows and logic variables? If so, i think a solution based on these must be possible.

Thanky for your reply, yes, my bridge does support starting other flows and setting logic variables.
But I do not see a way to use them to find out if the power usage after 2 minutes is still below 2 Watts. Do you have any rough hint how to use these tools to get t working ?

Well something like this:

First flow detects if powerusage is changed and below 2w. If so, starts a second flow with 2 minutes delay.
Second flow, if started, checks is power usage is still below 2w. If so, execute next actions you want.

You can enhance this with a Boolean logic variable, set this to true in first flow, and set this to false in another flow if powerusage changes above 2w in the meantime of the 2 minutes. The second flow can check on this Boolean also before executing the next actions.

Wow, this works.Thanks so much for the idea. To start another flow with a delay is really a working method to implement some sort of timer logic.

Great :+1:t2:,
Be careful not to start the second flow to many times. So to trigger it only once.