Flow starts without any reason?


I’ve a flow where the lights should be switched on as soon as less then 13 lux.

Somehow the flow isn’t functioning as the lights will be swiched on randomly.
The 2nd line in the log is the lux:

2020-08-29 15:46:22 verlichting aan ingeschakeld
2020-08-29 15:46:22 59.99
2020-08-29 15:56:16 verlichting aan ingeschakeld
2020-08-29 15:56:16 49.99
2020-08-29 16:06:14 verlichting aan ingeschakeld
2020-08-29 16:06:14 55.99
2020-08-29 16:12:17 verlichting aan ingeschakeld
2020-08-29 16:12:17 168.97
2020-08-29 16:22:15 verlichting aan ingeschakeld
2020-08-29 16:22:15 123

I’m using the Aqara/Xiaomi Light Sensor.

Does anyone how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!


Taking u took the correct tags could u add a delay for the bulbs with about 2 seconds?
Just to test if the helderheid was below 13 BEFORE the lights go on?

In my flows, I see the Tag symbol in the ALS card:

And dit you use the right Tag, under ‘In this Flow’?


Did add a delay, the last value of ‘helderheid’ was 32.

Then the light shouldn’t go on anyway. In that case read the post above urs from Jan and double check if u have the correct tags.

The tag symbol is in my if card but not shown in my post (??)
Just to be sure I’ve removed and put back the AND card with the ‘helderheid’ tag.
For now, the last half hour the lights ae still off, so maybe I’ve used the wrong tag since I’ve 3 light sensors and they’ve all a tag with the same name.

I’ll let you know what happens today, thanks for helping!

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Just another question: is all light sensors in the same room?

I don’t have the Tag “In this Flow”. Is this the first Tag in the List? If yes, my Tag is named “LOKALETAGS”. Maybe of the chosen language? I use the German language.

The same here. I guess it’s a bug.

That will be correct!
In English it’s “in this flow”
In Dutch it’s “lokale tags”

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No, in 3 different rooms.
Since the lights are still off I’m pretty sure I’ve chosen the wrong tag ‘Helderheid’ the first time…

A little bit OT but could you explain me (in some words) the different between “LokalTag” and the Tag belonging to the sensor?
I asked Athom already (16 emails in total) but I did not understand the differences.

Don’t think there is any but ur most likely choosing the wrong tag when ur not using the locale tags.

There are differences. The Play-Button looks different and if you want to test the flow (Test Button) with the LokalTag you have to fill in a value, with the “Sensor Tag” not.

But I think this might be going too far now. Maybe I will open my own Topic.


Ok. But the flow WILL work if using the correct tag. Either from locale or from device.

That may be, but I want to understand the difference.
This is Athom’s last answer. After that I give up:

The “LokalTag” is and will remain a black hole for me.

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“in this flow”/“local tag” is the tag that is coming with the trigger flow card (IF column), this tag is normally empty until the device triggers the flow and fills that tag with a value, but only for use in that flow.
That is also why the play button is greyed out, as the tag is used in the flow, but is empty until the flow is triggered by the device.
When you test this flow, you fill in this tag manually.

“normal” tags is the last available value (of the capability) for the device, so is pretty much always available, even without the flow being triggered.

the first option (local tags) was the only option few years ago, before (the then called) global tags were implemented.


Which variant do you prefer? Or does it differ from flow to flow? If so, when should you use the Lokaltag and when the Device Tag?

Spontaneously I would say that you should use the Lokaltag. This value is up to date.
With the Device Tag it could happen that the device hung up a few hours before and delivers the wrong value?

It kinda varies from flow to flow yes.
What I like to keep in mind is, if you don’t think you’ll need to trigger a flow from your favorietes or mobile’s home screen (widget) then use the local tag, as that is indeed always up to date and easier to test your flows with “is higher/lower logic” etc, as you aren’t reliant on the static value of your device, but can be input it manually.

In theorie the updating of the device’s tag is (nearly) done at the same time, or in the right order it being updated, but it could happen that it is the old value, updating just a few milliseconds later.

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Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. :+1:t3: