Flow - Notes/Description

I think it would be great if you could add notes or a description to a flow.

I don’t have a huge amount of flows at the moment, 40 or so, however as some flows have become complicated it would great if I could store a note/description against them in order to remember details about the flow ie.

  • why I created the flow
  • why I created the flow the way i did.
  • how the flow interacts with other flows.



I’ve already started to include notes in the name of the flow, and use folders to categories them.

Notes would be nice.

Maybe you can use Homey Flow Viewer to get a better overview of your flows.

Big like!
I have some complex flows that took some fixing to get them working the right way.
But after some time I ask myself, why did I add that check??
Would be great to add notes to explain.
(Dinosaur X10 activehome already had it…j

+1 … Just a basic block that can hold notes would be awesome!

Homey Flow Viewer is good, I thought about flow description or some kind of meta data tagging to each flow but searching through the the GUI for homey can be painfully slow.
Flow viewer makes it so much easier to search and identify.

I agree. This would be a nice addition to Homey!

I created a Feature request on github.

Fingers Crossed :

I give this a bump.
The GitHub repository is archived, but I couldn’t find a note option anywhere.

Due to the Flow system, you get quite a lot of Flows. Compare this with the all in one blocks from Domoticz. I loose track of why this Flow is there and why I set certain things. It would be nice to at lease make some notes to each Flow.

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