When flow was last changed?

This is either a question on how to do it, or a suggestion for more functionality.

Personally, I want to have a larger overview of what I have set up, so I record externally how the flows are set and interconnect. But as we’re all human - you don’t always remember to update that every time you’ve added or changed something. But if it was possible to get a listing of when each flow was last changed (and sorted with latest change first) it would be easy to go through and update the info on all those that has changed since last time.

I think you will like this idea too:

It would give you a way to document your flows right inside the flow.
Unfortunately nobody picked it up yet (And personally I am not able to build an app (yet ;-))

Was posted some time agoo by @Jamie

It would be have to be implemented by Athom …

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@Jamie Did you already put in a request at athom?
(Athom does not always read this forum)


Homey v2.0.2

  • [Speech] Flows with custom commands now have priority over system commands
  • [Notifications] Added Flow Card to create your own notifications

@JPe4619 to me notifications is something different than notes.
But I am not at v2 yet so cannot test.
Do you have a screenshot of such a card?
Would be great if it is already in!

Sorry, also still on v1.5.x, mayby some one else can make a screenshot?