[REQUEST] Flow editor card enhancements

The most obvious features I’m missing every time I am editing flows (using the Web App mainly):

  • Disable cards: especially during testing it would be very helpful if we could disable cards/steps
  • Copy/paste cards between different flows
  • Be able to see which device a Tag in a card belongs to (this is possibly just a web app Beta bug)
  • Support a description/comment field for each flow (e.g. to describe the purpose/limitations/general remarks etc.)

+1 for this.

I’d like to add some sort of selection buttons. Like on most apps on your phone. You tap edit, selection items appear. You can select the cards you want, cut or copy them. Would be awesome.

@JeeHaa @Renzo
Good points.

Send it to Athom. You’ll never know…

Athom wants users to discuss requests on the forum rather than to submit it?

Did both. :slight_smile:

An owner got as a reply from Athom, the chance of something getting implemented is bigger if individual requests are done @ Athom

The other way round