Add Multiple Cards to Flow At Once / In One Go

A small suggestion, but one that I feel would really speed up the creation of complex flows. If it already exists and I’ve missed it, then consider this a question!

When I am creating flows with lots of cards, I often have to repeatedly click Add > Then… > and then click the card I want. The selector disappears each time and I then have to repeat the process from the beginning, which can be slow.

I suggest a way for the user to add cards without dismissing the card selector. Perhaps this could be done in iterations:

Iteration 1: Holding the CTRL (or similar) key whilst clicking a card causes the card to be added to the canvas (or simple flow) but the selector is NOT dismissed. This could be repeated multiple times. Imagine the situation where I am creating cards for all of the thermostatic radiator valves in my house… I search “set temperature by input”, which finds them all, then hold CTRL and click, click, click, click, click and that’s it, all the cards added to my flow and ready to use.

Iteration 2: Perhaps now the card selector has an “add multiple cards” feature. This could be surfaced by hovering over a card showing a tick box on the left-hand side of the card. When the card body is clicked, a single card is added as normal. If the tick box is clicked, a holding tray appears at the bottom with an “add all cards” button. The tray would support removing cards if they were accidentally added.

Even Iteration 1, which I’m hoping would be quite a small amount of work for the Athom team, would massively speed up the flow creation workflow.

What do people think?


I back this one, and came here just because I was making a advanced flow for each of my switches. and found it a little annoying and time consuming to keep on going though the procedure for each when card of the switch.
It would be of great help if we could just add all the “When” cards of the switch in one go.