Adding "text comment" for flow explanation

While most flows that I create are quite self-explaining, I have come to a point where it would be nice to add textual comments for more explanation.
This is especially true after a few months, half-year or so when you want to change some small things. For complex flows (> 20 cards + several or options) it takes quite some study to find the same brain waves as before.

Is there any way to add comments that I overlooked besides using an external document to hold flow explanations?

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besides the Flow-Names and Flow-Folders, there is no “text comment” available (as far as I know).


There isn’t an app for that. It would be nice though. Maybe report it as feedback?

See also this thread from almost two years ago and this removed Github issue.

Ah, good to see that I’m not the only one requiring this. It seems to be no priority to @Athom though as previous is already > 2 years…

One would think a simple text field should not be so much work? But then it not really a “sexy” feature to shine with…

Beside creating cluttered flow names, which I do not like, there seems to be not much alternative.

However, it may become a priority for Athom the more users officially submit this additional feature as a “Feature Request”.

Blijkbaar moet dat hier?

Ik heb het ingevuld, benieuwd of ze er iets mee gaan doen…

Ik kan je niet verstaan. In English please.

Yes, this is the correct form.
Nobody can tell you if it’ll have any effect. The more this feature is requested at Athom, the higher it will be prioritized (hopefully).

One of my newyears resolutions was: build my own app for homey.
Beeing apple to add comments to my flows has been a big wish since I bought homey.

So I picked it as my first project.
It turned out to be more simple then I thought.
I am currently testing it and it feels pretty could already

I opened a thread for the app already “comments for flow

Its not published yet, need to do some more testing first


Sounds like exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:
Please put me on your list to test the app once available.

Hi! Are you aware that your challenge is solved, by using the standard app FlowComment?

I use it a lot. The are 2 types of comments: a Comment and a FixtThis

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face: