Flow is random

Have a couple of the simples flows.
Time is xx activate and turn on some 433 adapters.

Completely random.
One day it works, the next not.
When it works, it turns on at the time i set, but the next day not.

When looking in the adapters activation log, nothing more than that it been activated random days, not all. Using a Homey Gateway, not Pro but is completely new.


Add timeline notifications to your flows.
This way you can discover if the trigger works OK.
Most probably it is, while Homey is crap when it comes to commanding more than 3 to 4 lights at once.
So, try to add 1 second delays between each “Then” card used to command the 433 adapters.

Yes, that could be one of two problems.
Have changed and have delays between the activations.
It works fine when testing the flow.
But the timed start is still not working.
I have tried a lot of different things to change that and the last part is to use only the web-interface to change the flow.
I changed all flows. Just opened, change a minut, saved, and closed.
All my test-flows based on time now works, and i hope i will see the next days if all of the time-based will run.