Flow (created to turn TV off) keeps turning TV on

I created a flow for my Samsung Smart TV. This flow is meant to turn the TV off in the event it is turned on between 6am and 2pm. This (of course) to regulate the time my children spend on watching TV. The cards are:
If: [TV] Samsung q6 series is turned on
And: Time is between 6:00 and 14:00
Then: [TV] Samsung q6 series Turn off.

The flow works but after a minute or so the TV switches on again, which triggers the flow to turn it off again. Somehow a loop is created. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Find the flow which is turning the tv on.

There is no flow turning the TV on. This is the first flow I created regarding the TV

How does Homey know the tv is turned on?

Homey knows perhaps because he’s using the Samsung app. I do have a similar setup and it works well for me.

Are you sure that your kids are not being part of “the loop”? :grin:

If he is using the samsung Ir app, Homey don’t know

According this line he’s not using IR but Homey must turn the tv on for the flow to be triggered aye?

You don’t have the card “Samsung TV îs ON” with The IR app

Sometimes it goes to fast. :slight_smile:
Maybe the TV is in a booting-process and it is not finished before you send the switch-off command.
I should try to set a 2 minutes delay on the switch-off card.

There might be something connected to the TV that is turning it on.
For me it was my nvidia shield through CEC.
But since I’m using harmony, I turned off all CEC control and that worked for me.

I am using the Samsung SmartTV app by Bjørnar Almli

There’s nothing connected but a set top TV box (KPN) and when I disable the Flow the problem is gone too…
I will try the delay suggestion

A delay bij 120 seconds doesn’t do the trick…

If i was 100 % sure there is nothing else thats switching on the tv again, then i would contact the devolper of the app. But ey thats just me :wink:

Maybe the off signal repeats itself a couple of times so the tv will turn on again?

Could this something to do with?


Also try disconnecting the KPN box.

I tried the following to determine whether it’s the TV or the Homey. I turned on the TV and waited until the flow turned the TV off. Immediately after I disconnected the power of the Homey to see what would happen…the TV remained off. My conclusion is that the problem is within Homey and not within the TV (or the KPN settop box). Next step for me is contacting the builder of the Samsung smart tv app…

Maybe also post a screenie of ur flows here?

This is the reply of the builder:

The app checks constantly if the TV is on / off, by accessing the TV-interface.

The TV-interface is also turned off when the TV is turned off, but after a delay. On my TV this is about 20 seconds. And sometimes the interface turns on, even if the TV is actually off.

So it is not easy for the app to know correctly if the TV is actually on or off.

The best solution for you might be to use a smart plug to turn the power completely off for the TV in the period.