Flow based on Samsung the Frame

I am trying to set up a flow to dim lights up and down, maybe turn some lights off and on based on Samsung the frame power state. I can set flows to trigger based on off/on state, but I want it to be in art mode when not in use and I cant find a way to trigger flow based on that. Not supported by the apps.

Current flow dims down lights when you turn on TV, and thats that.

Any suggestions on how else I can achieve what I am trying to do?

You can also do it through the tv api, through the IP address.
I did have it working one time before, but i dont have that code anymore i think.
The sourcecode for the samsung app is out there somewhere and shows how stuff can be done.

O, and you can use the flowcard: send a key, and then the Power Toggle button.
It will change between TV and the Art mode, insteed of really turning of.
When you use the Power off card, the samsung app presses the Off button for 2 seconds for frames, just like you have to with the white remote.
When you use the Toggle Power key, its the same as pressing the power button on tour remote shortly.

Great suggestions, but the there is no when-option for send key. Only when Turned on or when Turned off. There is a then-card for send key.

Also, when testing now I see that the when turned on also does not work. So app seems to be broken. I will report it. Thanks anyways.

Turned on Off triggers may take a moment, it pools every minute i think if i remeber correctly.
But why would you need a When for a key?

The Key card is to send a signla to your TV, not receive it.

I send you the solution to put your TV on art mode, like you’re question was.

To listen to the Frame being put in Art mode (not sure why you would want that), you would need to create something custom yourself through the TV-API i guess.