Flic support in Homey?

I understand, I would also like it to be supported natively.

Yes HTTP request is one way. But it is just the command to initiate a Flow so it doesnt matter. The state of whatever you want to control is something you can anyway know, if Homey knows it.

That’s right, I haven’t thought of that. I guess I’ll have to make an effort with HTTP requests since they are at least supported natively by the Flic hub app…
Thanks, klenodder.

With Flic 2 they published the communication protocol so that it can be connected to anything with BLE
Is it still not possible to connect them to Homey with an app?


@Leone Indeed. There are examples on how to implement the protocol in node on github too.
The thing however is, to use the Flic Long Range Hub with Homey. That however is closed source.
I been in touch with flic and they told me that they have been in contact with Athom about an integration. But they also told me that it is rather unlikely to happen as the demand for it is rather low.


Is there a technical side to this that I am missing?
I do not understand why the Flic Long Range Hub would be nessecary if you could just connect the button to the homey directly using bluetooth.


Yes: Homey doesn’t support NOTIFY characteristics, which is how the buttons communicates with the client (according to this).

No wonder the demand is low, you can’t use them with homey! :joy:

Would be great to have the hub in homey!

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True true.
I do use all my flics only for Homey though. But as many I integrated them using webhooks.
One thing about this however, I found all the webhook apps too overkill for that purpose and had my own basic custom webhook app running for a long time. Eventually I added this kind of webhook support to my Micro WebServer app so I switched to using that one instead now. However, still basic GET webhooks.
Would be so nicht if you just could select what you want in the UI with fidling with the connection details and payload.

Well, I have all my Flics just laying in a drawer waiting for an integration to Homey.

I will shop at least 15 the day a direct integration is possible.


The flics work well with ifttt -

Though I understand that ifttt costs Athom lots of money and isn’t not used by many people :crossed_fingers:

Or with webhooks. Actually the original reason why I added webhook support to the Micro WebServer app :smiley: (Simply because I wanted uncomplicated simple webhook option which works on the LAN only rather on the web - this however assumes you use a flic hub)

Hi @klenodder, thanks for sharing, but I cannot get (no pun intended) this to work. Could you please share how you set up the http request in Flic? I have no experience with this; am I missing something basic in the screenshot below…? Thanks!

Hi @moslien.

You are missing the IP-adress to your Homey.

You have http:///… and the ip-adress should be placed after the second /.
For me, it looks like this: http://192.168.x.xxx/

You can find the IP-adress in your router interface/settings.

Hope it helps!

Edit: It should of course be the IP-adress to Homey, I had initially written that it was for the Flic Hub.

Ah, of course, thanks Pontus! Works brilliantly :+1: Finally i can use the nice Flic buttons with homey :slight_smile:

True I have been using my flic-buttons/flic hub through IFTTT to Homey - but now IFTTT is beginning to demand a monthly subscriptions if you need more than 3 “IFTTT apps” active - and since each flick I have has three apps (1 click, 2 click and long click) - it sort of just works with one button (if you do not want to pay for another subscription). :frowning:

Could you please describe? I did not understand what you were doing with the screenshot. :-/

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Great. Will try to hook up my flichub and the dozen of old & new flics. Took a lot of effort not to go wild on IKEA and others that now also seems to have a simple single and cheap scene button :slight_smile:

Flic just released an SDK for their hub. So maybe a native integration with it will be available soon ^^


I am looking at flic buttons. Would like to use them in my kitchen, but homey is standing in a room two levels up. About 10 mtrs away, with concrete walls in between. I assume the hub is needed, which i will position in my hall. Would it work with flic1 or flic2? What are your experiences with homey, bluetooth and range?

In generally i am looking for a black little(as little as possible) smart button. Zwave or zigbee. But maybe Bluetooth also when the range will be no problem