Flash a light bulb

hello everyone, I’m looking to make a bulb blink in a flow. know how? thank you

Can you be a bit more specific? Just a single flash on off? Or repeatedly? Overall what are you trying to achieve?


I would like it to turn on and off for 5 min at an interval of about 2 seconds on well

I managed it with advanced flows and using the Chronograph app but it was surprisingly complex. There might be a simpler way to achieve this but not sure what it would be. You could also cancel the blinking from a flow simply by stopping the timer. This flow ensures that the lamp always ends up in the off state.

It would be a lot easier with HomeyScript but then you need to learn how to use HomeyScript and I’ve got by without so far!

Wahou…I will test this


I have a problem, it does not offer me any flow with this card :slight_smile:

That refers back to this same flow. You need to save (and name) this flow first (without that card) then you will be able to add this card referring to this flow by the name you just gave it

So to be clear in my example above the flow was saved as “Blink light” and that’s what that card refers to

@Jonathan_Draper it’s good, thenks you

Bit simpler, works for me.

The actual flow where I was using this. Flashes front door light for 15 minutes if the door lock detects forced entry.