Firmware 3.1.0 question

What does “[Z-Wave] Newly added devices show more firmware information” entail?

Is it possible to see this for devices already added? If not, why?

Is it possible to see what the z-wave device identifies as? In Vera’s boxes devices were mostly automagically identified based on the response from the device, so it must be available somehow.

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I was wondering the same thing.
I know (99%sure at least) that for Homey some capabilities are set when the device is added, and when firmware adds new capabilities sometimes you have to add the device again.

It kind of sucks if they cannot poll devices for that information when the apps are updated…For a couple of my qubino dimmers I only have 4 groups, while others have up to 8. That means I cannot do direct associations. And I cannot double check if the correct app was used. Also, it would be nice to be able to go into a device and check the firmware and device info…

You can check a lot of info about your device here:

Ok, thanks. Didn’t think about that one. Seems it’s doing auto detection for devices. Added a fibaro dimmer and it was added as a qubino. Kind of makes me wonder why we need to install apps for devices at all :wink:

Because Homey is ‘intelligent’. It checks the info it gets from the device when you add it and then automatically uses the correct app.
So you don’t actually have to select the correct device when adding it, BUT you do need to have the correct app installed :slight_smile:

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Since firmware 3.0.0 do have the ability to add and remove device capabilities:

That’s a nice addition.
The question now is, when a device has been added before a capability was available in the driver, is the missing capability added automatically afterwards?

Short answer: no.

That’s what I was afraid off…

It’s stupid you have to remove/add a device to gain the new capability.
Forcing you to check/repair all your flows.

That’s not what I meant :slight_smile: I thought you meant to ask how it works from a development viewpoint. A developer still has to add a new capability “manually” in the driver (so check if the device has the capability and, if not, explicitly call addCapability).

From a user’s viewpoint it will be a non-intrusive operation, where you don’t have to remove and re-pair a device after a capability has been added to it.