Z-Wave Device Firmware Version

Where I find the current Firmware Version of a certain Z-Wave Device?
Neither in the Device setting or the developer page there is no information about the Firmware?!

Only in the bridge/hub/console specific to that device.

My specific Z-Wave Controller is homey?:thinking:

I don’t want update the firmware!
I only want have the information about the firmware.

And what Zwave device u have which is called Homey then?
When the device is from Fibaro u can only see or update the fw of that device in the Fibaro controller. When the device is from Hue u can only see or update the fw in the Hue bridge.

Ok. So sorry for my stupid question.
I thought I did have a full- fledged Z-Wave controller called homey in use.

In another words, homey get the information (Firmware Version) during the interview but he don’t want share this with us.

Is this a case for a feature request!

There is no such things as stupid questions, I know a lot of stupid answers tho!

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