"Find my location automatically"

I get the wrong position.


This is Homey’s location. So if auto doesn’t work, you can set in manually. But as you’re on experimental firmware, I assume you know that :slight_smile: and you know where to file bugs…

Yes i know im on experimental and i know its homeys position… but i wanted to report the problem since even if i put i manually it goes back to automatically sometimes after restart…

Its not a big problem for me but its not working… where do i file bugs if not here?

see under point 9…

Ok there it is, not that easy to find,
so to find a support adress you actually have to look in a forum under announcements, no support mail or contacts anywhere else haha. that makes me think noone wants response from users

Depends on your start-points:

nowhere on that page do i have the option to either send a mail to support or get redirected to https://support.athom.com/hc/requests/new .

Actually i cant find that anywhere on the webpage. i’ve tried. and i think its the first and last time i try to contribute

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Far from ideal, I wish Github would still be used, but better then nothing. If you login to the support-site, you also get a list of submitted tickets. And :speak_no_evil: mail to support@athom.com from your registered email-adress becomes a support-ticket magically :tada:

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The location:

  • This is probably not an issue Athom can fix (and doesn’t belong on Github there for.). Homey has no GPS and query’s some internet databases that tell where some SSIDs and/or IP addresses probably are located.
    The Googles/Microsofts/Apple and other have to detect and update the DB when you or others connect and report the location for example from a mobile phone.

The issue the manual location is not saved should be reported as Issue to Athom Support. (the above link from @bvdbos or the email address mentioned )

Probably you need to check out your current location.