Web app: How to change/register "my addresses"

How do I add my correct address in the Web app. Under My account → my addresses → it says “You do not have any addresses yet”.

I have also tried both automaticly and manually settings to set my location in the mobile app → settings → location.

I think that is just setup when placing an order using the Athom store. It is not related to Homey location.

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Thanks. That seems correct. Placed a new order in the web shop, registered my address, and aborted at the stage for payment. Now my address is back.

For what it is worth, I tried to make an order, populating my home address and then backing out without committing the order. This method apparently no longer works. I still have no address populating “My Addresses”. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting my account populated with an appropriate address. I have tried moving my location within the homey app and then typing in my address. It finds the correct location on the map, however if I close location and reopen it, the address is not displayed, nor does the address populate under the “My Addresses” section of my account.