FIBRAO Double Switch 2 Direct Association with RGBW 1 Trouble

Hello, I am having trouble setting up direct association with RGBW controller from Double Switch 2.
Can please some one share the working configuration.

The thing I am trying to do is to turn on/off the RGBW with double switch, which is located elsewhere and not directly connected to RGBW.

I am adding device ID of the RGBW to the Group 4 (S2) and it does not respond to any commands.
I presume, that I need to do the following

  1. send command from DS2 in non secure mode as RGBW 1 does not support secure connection
  2. send command to the specific node on RGBW (which one?)
  3. configure RGBW to respond to the ON/OFF function from this specific node

I would appreciate any help as I am fighting with this for over a week.

Heya, welcome to the forums.
Did u check this already?

Yes, I did, but I was not able to find clear step-by-step solution :frowning: