Fibaro Walli led ring as alarm or notification

Hello Homeys,
I d like to use my Fibaro Walli’s led rings to blink red in cas of an alarm started for example.

So i am here to know if somebody found a way to make that happen…
Or if someone could share a way of doing it? Maybe with scripts if its not possible directly with flows, variables, tags…
Thank you for your interest if any !
Great day,

Made some tests. With these flows it’s possible to let the Walli LED ring “blink” every 2 second. With 1 second it doesn’t work. I guess the Walli LED ring is to sluggish:

The trigger of the 1st flow “FibaroWalli1” should be of course “Alarm triggert” from Heimdall app or something else.
And for the 4th flow you can use “Alarm is deactivated/disabled”, a button or something else.

But if you use these flows for multiple Wallis, it’s probably a high load for Homey and/or the Z-Wave mesh. Don’t know if it makes sense to use the < group > app for this.
So I am not sure if this is a good solution. A siren like e.g. from NEO is probably the more suitable solution.

Thanks for that great exemple.
There are 2 things that makes this hazardous :confused:
1/ high load for Homey
indee might be too much
2/ If the walli is in on state it wont work and if i have to add some more card for this, it makes it more difficult to implement !

Not really:

I guess it doesn’t make a big difference. Of course, the other flows must also be adjusted in the same way.