Walli multiple clicks


I have a question about the Fibaro Walli devices.
I’m new to Homey, but I have worked with Fibaro before.

With walli you can normally add a scene/flow when the switch has multiple clicks.
You can set that up in Fibaro by using parameters 40 and 41.

How can I do that in homey?

For example I have a dimmer and I would like it with 1 click to turn on the main light and with two clicks all lights in that room.

Hope somebody can help me out.

You can do that in the Flow, choose “Scene” when adding the device in the When-column, in the details of this card, you can choose on how many clicks the action should start.

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Thank you for the clear explanation.
I have found the scene with the “normal” dimmer 2.
But not with the walli devices, not with the dimmer or the shutter.
It look like they mis the scene? Or do I do something wrong?

You have to set the parameters 40 and/or 41 in the extended Walli settings (gear wheel) according to your wishes (see manual of the Walli dimmer).
In the screenshot you can see the advanced settings of a Walli Switch.

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Your screenshots are not from the WHEN section, right?

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Yes the picture above was of the WHEN section of the flow.

But also in the advanced section of the Walli dimmer or the Walli shutter I don’t have parameter 40 or 41 in button behavior. See screenshot enclosed.
I don’t have an Walli switch, so I can’t see if that one is different and has more options.
I think I might do something wrong, but I have no idea what.

At the moment I’m still using a Fibaro HomeCenter 2, but I’m in the process of including the devices in Homey bit by bit.
What I also noticed is that not all parameters are available in the advanced settings of some devices in Homey sometimes, but with the HC2 they are. But that is no problem.
You have to do a raw configuration, as it was possible with devices in HC2 without a template.
The raw configuration can also be done in the advanced settings under “Raw configuration parameters” (or something similar), or in Insights. In the forum you will find enough instructions how to do this.
If you don’t find anything or can’t handle it, just let me know.

Hi Fantross,

Thank you for your reply.
I have added the raw configuration “40,1,15;41,1,15”, because I have read that 15 was if I wanted to add all options to the flow. And I also have tried it with “40,1,1;41,1,1”.
But it stays the same.

Whether you can select the scenes in the flows does not depend on the set parameters!
If the selection is not available, it is due to the Fibaro app respectively the incomplete implementation of the Walli dimmer.

A beta version 2.4.3 of the Fibaro App exists. But according to the change history only one change for the Walli Switch was added.

If this does not work either, I would contact Athom.

Thank you for your help.
Also in the beta is no difference.
I have send a e-mail to support.
Hopefully they can help me. When I got new information I will share it here.

JesseR, did you found a resolution for this? I am a newly Homey user with a Fibari Walli and unable to configure the different buttons (e.g. wanting to turn on the light at a certain dim level).


Hi @MartijnN,
No for the multiple clicks in the walli dimmer we still need an update, the only walli that has that feature is the walli switch.

You can send a request to Athom, as more people do it the bigger the change it gets made.

Will it work if I use the fibaro dimmer 2 instead?

When you mark the device in the App Store, you can see the available action cards (When, And, Then) below. So it seems that Dimmer 2 has scene activation:

I don’t know exactly which actions are possible because I don’t own a Walli Dimmer myself.

Please contact Athom and ask for adding scene activation for the Walli Dimmer.

That is a great suggestion, thanks!

Fibaro Walli Dimmer should have multiple press/click option in flows just as the Fibaro Walli Switch.
Also missing a lot of parameters in the setup for Fibaro Walli products that are found in the Fibaro Walli Manuals.

You’re absolutely right, the Dimmer should have multiple press/click option, also the Walli Roller Shutter.
I asked Athom several times already to include this feature, but it seems that Athom ignores my requests.
The best thing is that with an app update the multiple press/click function for the Walli Switch broke. I have 5 Walli Switch in use, it no longer works on any of them.
Additional I have 1 Walli Dimmer, 1 Walli RS and 1 Walli Controller in use and want to add lot more of Walli devices. The Walli Controller is placed near to a Walli Switch just to have multiple press/click option.

The fact that some parameters are missing in the advanced device settings is definitely a bad implementation by Athom, but missing parameters can be changed via raw configuration. Therefore, it is not that bad in my opinion.

I would like to ask everyone to contact Athom directly (support@athom.com) about missing functions or bugs.

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