Fibaro thermostat auto calibrate

Sometimes deep in the night the Fibaro thermostatic valve does a calibration run. Which means it cycles between full open to full close and back to full open again. This takes about 20 seconds and creates unnecessary noise. I have this thermostat in the bedroom and am not to happy about that. Is there any way to adjust the auto calibration time? Now it seems to do it at around 04:00. Anyone?

it should only do the calibration just after pairing, so just once, there most likely is something else wrong with your thermostatic, maybe the battery isn’t put in properly, or if you have a power cable not properly connected (not even sure if it has one), not connected to the valve itself maybe, or just a (going) bad device.

It has a rechargeable battery, which according to the data is fine. My Z-wave network is very poor, but working on the antenna mod for the upgrade. So hope that it will also solve this problem.

Perhaps it also does a calibration when it reconnects to the network?

That could be it… Will do the antenna mod tomorrow, hoping to improve the zwave range. I bought 2 neo coolcam plugs which are located max 4 meters away from the homey and the connection is horrible. Really hoping it gets better with the antenna mod.