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Fibaro switching

I have a problem with my hotel switching. I have connected my fibaro double switch, like the attached image, to my existing hotel circuit with traditional make / break switches. The only difference with my situation and that of the image is that I have connected several lamps to the switches.

I can still switch the lighting after the installation as before (this is also the intention). However, if I let the fibaro switch automatically, only 2 lights will go on. The lamps closest to switch 2 that are switched, the lamps at switch 1 are not. While when I use the switch manually, all the lights go on / off.

Can you please help me here? I’ve already tried so much but I do not see it anymore.

Please see your help.

Are you sure, that al lights contected to the black wire 2 (in my painting) and not that the lights that not switching by the fibaro are connected to 1?

Because it would make sense if you did it like i said, it wil switch al lights on when using the switches, but only put the lights on when using the fibaro that are conected at point 2

This is what I suggested in the Dutch version of this question ( Fibaro Hotelschakeling)

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iT’S WORKS !! :slight_smile:

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