Fibaro smoke sensor notifications


I’ve just bought 3 Fibaro smoke sensors. I’ve tested them and it seems that there are some notification by default. When I test them I get a notification to my smart phone, which is great.

But does anyone know how I can configure this?I can’t find the settings for that. I would like to add users so they also get the notifications. Otherwise I guess I need to create some flows.


This would be in the gear icon for the timeline, but personally I cannot find the category for these alarms. Some of these only appear when there is something to report (which is strange, because it also contains notification options).

Does the notification also show in the timeline?

Yes, it does show in timeline. So I guess that’s where the notification is. But I can’t find any settings in the timeline to add users. And the user that I have invited has the role “user”, but then there’s no timeline feature what I can see