Fibaro Smart Implant (FGBS-222), Push/Momentary Button and Scene Activation are not supported?

Hello all,

I have tried to use a momentary button with the Smart Implant.
I wanted to see if I could start a flow when I press the button. I also wanted to try Scene Activation, which is 1x, 2x, 3x press or press, hold and release. Both are possible according to the manual.

If I change the parameter 20 or 21 to “Push button / momentary button” (according to the manual “Monostable button (Central Scene)”, value 2), which would be the correct selection for momentary buttons and I select “Input 1/2 opened”, “Input 1/2 closed” or “Input 1/2 switched” as action card, then the flow is not triggered.
The flow is also not triggered if I change the parameter 40 or 41 “Input 1/2 scenes” to e.g. “Key pressed 1 time”.
If I change parameter 20 or 21 to “Normally closed/open contact”, which is normally used for reed contacts e.g., then the flow is triggered, no matter how parameter 40/41 is set.

I come to the conclusion that neither the device setting “Push button / momentary button” nor the option “Scene Activation” works.
Does anyone made the same experiences?
Or did I made any mistakes?
Or did I forgot to change any settings?

In the text written above, I have always mentioned the options for input 1 and 2. In my tests, of course, I made sure that the input matches the parameters and the action cards.
Fibaro App v3.0.4

Hi @DirkG

Is there any update on this? Have you somehow managed to use inputs with push buttons and scenes?


There are no news from my side and no news from Athom.
Athom put my request on the ToDo list at that time, that’s it. After that I stopped the project myself.

It’s sad. How a useful little module is almost useless in Homey ecosystem…

…there’s a lot of led strip controllel without inputs, also dimming would be possible.

My recommendation is to contact Athom so that the problem gets a higher priority.

By writing to


Here comes their response:

"…Thanks for reaching out and thinking along! We’ve added it internally to our list of feature request, so we can discuss this with the development team.

Please keep in mind that we cannot give any guarantees on if and when we will implement your suggestions, as there is already quite the development roadmap laid out. That being said, it is definitely noted."

It’s mostly always the same answers. Finally, we can only hope that it will be implemented at some point. :man_shrugging:t3:

Nevertheless, thx for reporting it to Athom. :+1:t3:

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Actually the momentary button is works now. You need to set Inputs as NO contact, then When “Input is closed” can be a trigger. Any idea on the scene activation?

Thx for the info!

Isn’t implemented yet. Please contact Athom (again). Thx!