Flow to recognise series of button pushes

Forgive me if this has been covered, I have looked but cannot find the answer.
I want my homey to recognise when a button has been pressed a number to times.
These would be useful to action a particular flow.
I have the fibaro smart impact but the the scenes on it doesn’t seem to work.
This does seem to have been covered in the forum.
I have a button connected to the smart implant and all I want is a flow or something that recognises when I have pressed that momentary switch a series of times, for example 3 times.
For example if the button is pressed three times, I can get it to turn on a light or open a door.
But only do it when it has been pressed 3 times.
Can anyone help with this?



if ‘button’ pressed x3 times then do ‘function’

If you have a Homey (cloud) then it won’t be possible, and the only option you have is you just have to ask Athom to implement scene activation for the smart implant.

If you have a Homey Pro then you could do it something like this:

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Can’t thank you enough.
I have an old homey pro with advanced flow, with the new latest one on the way hopefully.
Your solution has really pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone but has really helped with giving me a little understanding about variables and logic.
The solution works, although I couldn’t get it to work at first because the fibaro smart implant responds quite slowly.
However, if I set the time it monitors button presses to 10 seconds rather than one, it does recognise 3 presses in that 10 seconds and responds appropriately.
Wish I was better at this, there are so many capabilities to learn.

This is what I actually ended up doing.

Could not have done this without your help.


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I’ve made something like that too. If my doorbell (adapted aqara door sensor) is pressed 3x and the door opens within 5 seconds, the lighting will be switched on, the TV will be switched on and the heating will be switched on between a certain time in the evening.
After 5 seconds the counter is reset to 0.

Or you could buy some devices like a ‘Remotec Scenemaster’ or a ‘Aqare Mini Switch’, where you can specify every action by pushing a button on the device Once,Twice or Hold. That works fine with Homey Pro.