Detect 433-button on-signal eve if device is already on

Migrating to Homey Pro 2023…
All nice but got stuck at implementing a flow for forced bathroom ventilation. A Nexa 433 onoff wall button activate/deacrivate ok and is put off after 40 minutes by the flow. The problem is that I want a new on-push to restart downcount prolonging forced vent. Unlike my old hub system Homey seem to ignore incoming ON if device is already on. Don’t know if it is in Homey or in Nexa app.
Anyone found a solution?


I think the problem may be in your flow rather than the app, at least if it is all implemented in one continuous flow with a delay card to turn the ventilation off.
A solution would be to split in into two flows (and using the Chronograph app):
First flow is triggered by the button, it activates ventilation and starts/restarts a 40 min Chronograph countdown timer.
Second flow is triggered by the timeout of the timer you started in the first flow and here is where the ventilation is deactivated.

Thanks for your answer, Henrik.
In principle my solution is as you described.
The problem is that the Activated/Deactivated card do not fire if incoming command=device status.
To simplify test I made 2 standard flows

  1. Activate card → Push notice
  2. Deactivate card → Push notice

The ”when”card only fires when device status is opposite from incoming command.
Tested this on Nexa card and Telldus card. Same behaviour. The question is if there is a way to catch command ”raw”?

Please share your test flows.

Thanks Rmb!



Best regards

OK, then you trig on the device state change and not the button input, which explains the problem.
The Nexa app is a bit limited, it’s quite likely that your button is not supported, try the app for Trust Smart Home, it covers a wider range of devices.

Thanks Henrik.
Found a TSH-button that acts the way I need. Firing in flow for every on or off push.