Button pressed - away for the weeken -

So I am working on an advanced flow to save energy when we are away for the weekend, which we quite often are.

When the button is pressed, I want to disable and/or enable flows that adjusts temperatures on panels and water heaters, and also controls the lights so it looks like we are home. Usually we leave for the weekend on a thursdat or friday. So I have put a button next to the entrance door - when this is pushed the house goes into “weekend mode”. This is unproblematc.

What I strugle with is this: Usually we are back on sunday, so when the button is pressed, I want the flows that were diabeled/enabeled upon button press to be reverted back to its original state from 04am on the coming sunday (in the morning when electricity is cheaper, and the house will be heated when we are back.) So far I have only figured out how to do this using “delay”, but as it varies when we leave this is not really suficcient.

Would appreciate any suggestions on how to autoatically set the system back to its original state on a specific time on the next sunday.

Thank you :smiley:

What if you had two buttons by the door. Or buy a cheap IKEA Trådfri on/off dimmer button. Then you can choose one flow (away) when you hit the ‘on’ direction of the button and another flow (home) when you hit the ‘off’ direction of the button when you are back home.

If you split into two different flows, you would also have the convenience of setting the returning home flow to always start on Sunday 04:00, regardless of when you left your house.

I would write a flow that is set to run [When the time is 4:00] and [Today is a Sunday]. This flow is enabled along with all the other flows when you press the button. This flow will restore all other stuff to it’s normal operation and finally disable itself.

I think @Henrik_Johnsson has given the simplest direct answer to your question. But I have an alternative approach to achieve a similar thing which doesn’t involve a button, which you might be interested in. I use the iCal app to connect Homey to one of my shared calendars (I’m an Apple user so I created a calendar in iCloud and shared that but the same works for Google or other systems). Since in any case I put times we’re going away in my calendar, it is easy to select this shared calendar with Homey when I do. Then flows using iCal pick up on the start and end of the event and do all the adaptations without me having to remember to do anything specific when I leave.

The iCal flows are very flexible so in my case I have things set up so that the adaptations start when the last person leaves the house on the first day of a scheduled holiday and then are ‘undone’ at 9am on the scheduled last day of the holiday. So seems like you could easily adapt to your requirements if you wanted to avoid the button.

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Thank you for the replies :grinning:

@Henrik_Johnsson - This solves my problem, thank you! Irritated that I did not think of this :laughing:
@Jonathan_Draper - This solution seems very smart, I might look into that! Only problem I can see is that I am the only one in the house that has any interest / know-how to bother with these things - so updating the calendar would be very much up to me. However, I can see other uses for this calendar integration, so thank you :smile:

For now I have two buttons by the door:
1 for everyday use - last person that leaves the house pushes it and; alarm turns on, TV’s off, lights off, windows and door-sensors give feedback.
2 Weekend - all of the above + lowered temperatures and ventilation. Back to normal Sunday 4am so that heating starts at the cheapes period.