Fibaro Smart Implant FGBS-222 door garage

Hi Christer, you’re following this post, aren’t you? In this post it’s explained how to set pulse setting. And you did it already as I can see it in this actual post #17.
So maybe you use a wrong pulse time?

Fixed now with increasing pulse to .5 seconds through raw settings - 156,2,5.

lør. 21. nov. 2020 kl. 11:12 skrev Christer via Homey Community Forum

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Hello mr fantross.

Yes, mine is working, was just trying to help stian :wink:

OK, miss understood you, sorry.

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Hi guys,

I was inspred by this thread and started to add a smartimplant on my garagedoor as well. Now im testing it with a 16vDC adapter i had lying arround close to homey as a test. I can control the implant via homey, but the inputs wont react to my magnetswitch or photovoltaic sensor.

I tested with my voltmeter and when i place my relector or magnet, input 1 or 2 receive 16v. The input in the homeyscreen stay -
Is there a minimumvoltage to activate?

I do not know what you mean by photovoltaic sensor or what you have connected. Is that even possible according to the manual?
Relector? Do you mean reflector?
Do you mean something like a light barrier?

Sorry, but I do not understand what you mean.

Contacts must be connected between Input and Gnd, the user manual says.

Depending on what you connect to the inputs, an additional 12 V voltage must be connected.
That’s why I asked what he wants to connect to the inputs.
You also can’t use every magnetic contact/reed contact. Some need a separate power supply.

Therefore the link to the manual was given! (sorry to interfere your dialog :slight_smile:

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Allright, thats my problem, i send a + to it. Ill search some npnsensors then

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Yes, i meant a light barrier. I connected it all to the same powersuply, ill search for npnsensors and retry then

Maybe you can share your experience then.

sadly its a long time ago i spent some time with NPN-sensors, and they dont behave like i thought.
my new solution is a limit switch to check if door is closed, and 3 lightbarriers to check if the door may close. I tested it on my workbench, so its not installed yet!

So now my input1 is activated (by the relay K1)when all 3 lightbarriers see their reflectors (it’s safe to close the door), and input 2 is activated when i activate my limitswitch (door closed). Normally my existing (wired/stupid) button will stil function. My limitswicht has 2 seperate switches (NO and NC) so maybe i tweak it a little bit more so it takes away the power to the lightbarriers when the door is closed.

i’m thinking to aim them this way, but let me know if you think there’s a better solution.

i’ll let you know when its installed and works, but wont be very soon

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