Fibaro Motion Sensor not being recognized

I’ve got only zwave plus sensors

I’ve got the same problem/issues with Z-wave plus motions sensors from Fibaro. It is really sad because I can’t use them for what I want and I’ve just bought them :frowning:

I hope there will be an update asap.

I am changing my 433 Mhz sensors to Fibaro Z-wave sensors as they should be more reliable. However, I experience also a lot of problems with these Fibaro sensors:

My Fibaro Motion Sensor is stuck in Tamper Alarm:

  • Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001 (Product ID 4097)

Two Fibaro sensors I recently bought are not recognized by Homey and the following message appears (in dutch):
‘Er is geen geschikte Homey app gevonden voor dit apparaat’.

  • Fibaro Flood sensor FGFS-101 (Product ID 4099)
  • Fibaro Smoke detector FGSD-002 (Product ID 4099)

I can’t update the Fibaro app to the beta version as the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor is not supported in version 2.1.x and I need the binary sensor to control my alarm system. And the instructions provided by Paul89 and Julien_Moors are too complicated for me (sorry).

So I do hope that Homey will launch a stable Fibaro app update soon which will solve these issues. When can we expect this stable version to be released?

Same thing here. Fibaro FGMS-001 ZW5 3.3 (EU 868 Mhz) not recognized by Homey…

I have received the following from Athom Support:

Thank you for your mail. We are aware of issues with new Fibaro motion sensors. We are currently looking into this problem and solving it. Soon an update for the Fibaro app should solve this issue. I am sorry for the inconvenience until then.

Best Regards,


Athom Support

Any news on this topic? Got one In birthday present and i was really disappointed when it didn’t work!

Here, too, the same problem. Sinterklaas has left a lot of motion sensors … Can not (yet) integrate the sensors within Homey: “There is no suitable Homey app found for this device” (Dutch: “Er is geen geschikte Homey app gevonden voor dit apparaat”).

if you install the beta version of the app, it will include properly.

With latest beta version the Tamper Alarm is still constantly on with Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001. :confused:

Also, the temperature sensor DS18B20 I’ve connected sometimes shows totally wrong temperature. I dont know if that is a hardware or software problem, but the sensor is staticly hanging down in the pool water and is untouched the whole time.

As the answer to this topic has been given (the id is now also in the stable app)
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